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About Us

Joiiio (JOY•OH)

Our name is a reflection of the vibrant and positive energy our community of free- spirited, outdoor-loving, adventure seekers is looking for by embracing life through their connection with the road, the trail, and the great outdoors.


Much like our team - our Joiiio logo contains Jeep DNA in its roots! Consisting of a stylized Jeep grille and headlights, our logo resembles the core elements of iconic Jeep style 

Our Logo

Our Story

Joiiio was born from the minds of Jeep owners. We began to notice that we were seeing less and less people removing their hard tops even during the beautiful summer days in Minnesota. We began asking the question to fellow Jeep owners: 


“It’s 85 degrees and sunny — how come you haven’t taken the top off?”


From there, it has become our mission to enable every Jeep owner to realize the unrestricted joy of Jeep ownership. Driven to remove the barriers from the core Jeep experience of open air driving -- such as the removal, storage, and installation of hard tops, soft tops and half doors, we have designed a suite of offerings that deliver those experiences to passionate Jeep owners like ourselves.

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